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baseball card wantlist

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Going to crush this one, game over.                            My work is done here.
Hi   My name is Jack , welcome to my sports card page.

I will no longer be going thru want list looking for trades.  If I find a card that I think someone can use I will contact them.  If you are interested in a trade and/or see a card on my for trade list you can use let me know.

  Listed here are wants for my set needs and Bat card collection for Pitchers.  You will also find game-used and autograph cards I listed for trade.  I need ATLANTA Braves cards of any kind, game-used, auto's etc, I make team sets of Braves.  Will take any cards of current Cubs and past stars to complete a trade.


Chipper Jones
Freddie Freeman
Anthony Rizzo
Javier Baez


Started a collection of Game-Used Bat cards of Major League pitchers.  Looking for one bat card per pitcher per teams a player has been on and my list is a HAVE list. IN other words if a pitcher has been on 5 different teams I would like one Bat card from each team. Only looking for pitchers who made it to the Big leagues and no minor league cards unless its the only one they have. PLEASE NO Panini cards as they do not have the team Logo's.

Rick Ankiel  -Cardinals
Josh Beckett  -Marlins  -Red Sox
Erik Bedard  - Orioles
Jeremy Bonderman  -Tigers
Kevin Brown-Dodgers DUO Bat/ game worn
Roger Clemens  -Yankees
Yovani Gallardo- Brewers
Tom Glavine  - Mets
Dan Haren - Cardinals  Bat/jersey  005/100
Daniel Hudson  -DBacks
Jason Jennings-Rockies
Randy Johnson  -DBacks/Mariners(bat/jersey)
Al Leiter  -Mets
Esteban Loaiza  -Nationals
Greg Maddux  - Braves
Mark Mulder  - Athletics
Don Newcombe  -Brooklyn Dodgers
Hideo Nomo  -Dodgers
Jim Palmer  -Orioles
Chan Ho Park  -Dodgers
Brad Penny  -Dodgers
Mark Prior  -Cubs
Curt Schilling  -DBacks  -Red Sox
Ben Sheets- BREWERS
Dontrelle Willis  - Marlins
Kerry Wood  -Cubs

Special Bat Cards of pitchers:

2004 Fleer Classic Clippings Bat Rack Tri card Mark Prior-Josh Beckett-Curt Schilling

Game used and autograph cards for trade follow my wantlist.

* Means Trade Pending


1989 Donruss 299 Smith

1990 Donruss  458

1991 Stadium Club  371 Blauser

1991 Upper Deck  708 Pendelton

1992 Topps   80 Justice  689 Lemke

1999 MVP  16 A. Jones    17 Maddux

1999 Ultra World Premiere - 14 J D Drew

2000 Topps  237

2001 Bowman Heritage Black & White  314-383-403-410-418

2002 Fleer Tradition Update U49 Ennis RC SP

2003 Topps T-205  157 Wagner SP- 176 MarkakisRC SP- 180 Gutierrez RC SP- 184 Pie RC SP- 185 Loewen RC SP- 187 Weeks RC SP- 190 Kata RC SP- 204 Bagwell (WITHOUT HAT)-231 Helton (BLUE)

2003 Upper Deck  384-385

2006 Allen & Ginter 50 AROD SP - 54 Ortiz SP - 165 Lowe SP- 295 Leyland SP

2006 Fleer  57 Chipper Jones

2008 Topps  468

2008 Topps Update Mickey Mantle Story MMS-76-77

2008 Topps Historical Campaign  1800-1836-1840-1844-1864-1920-1932-1952

2008 UD Heroes BLACK (no serial #)  152 Ichiro - 179 Reyes/Jeter - 180 Ripken/Gwynn

2011 Topps  Diamond Anniversary(cards with all the glitter) 2-21-58-79-81-84-87-90-100-108-121-137-146-152-193-207-208-235-266-278-317-334-352-359-362-366-368-370-373-375-391-403-409-412-420-426-429-434-437-446-451-460-469-471-478-491-501-509-513-514-519-522-528-529-534-536-539-542-543-547-548-558-561-563-565-575-576-584-586-595-605-606-607-608-614-622-626-633-636-638-652-654

2012 Topps Archives (ALL SP's)  206-208-209-222-228-229-230-235-238-239

2013 Topps  418 Gattis RC  x 2

2013 Topps WBC (World Baseball Classic) Stars WBC 10 Miguel Cabrera

2013 Gypsy Queen   239 Reddick SP  - 304 Kiner SP

2014 Topps Heritage  SP 458 Rizzo - 480 - 484

2015 Allen & Ginter  Menagerie of the Mind  16

2015 Bowman  3-4-8-14-17-23-32-34-41-43-44-46-49-57-61-63-70-72-84-102-103-106-111-114-117-118-121-129-133-135-136-137-148-150

2015 Bowman Prospects  BP-2-7-14-19-22-30-33-34-38-42-43-71-75-76-80-82-89-91-97-100-10-103-108-117-122-126-128-129-138-149

2015 Topps Update  379

2016 A & G Baseball Legends 4-8-12-20

2016 Topps Heritage  432-433-440-450-452-453-454-456-458-466-469-470-471-475-477-480-483-485-488-492-496-497-500

2016 Topps First Pitch:  Series TWO  FP  11

2016 Topps METALLIC Walmart Holiday Snowflake Set "METALLIC"(one with the glitter on them) 1-6-11-13-17-18-20-22-23-25-26-30-34-35-38-40-44-50-51-53-55-56-57-58-68-70-73-74-76-77-78-79-80-81-82-85-86-87-89-91-93-94-98-99-104-106-112-114-117-118-123-125-127-128-129-131-132-133-134-138-139-142-151-154-155-156-159-161-163-164-166-169-170-172-173-176-177-179-184-185-187-192-194-195-199

2017 Topps Gallery  2-5-6-11-15-24-42-45-46-47-48-49-54-56-58-67-71-74-77-80-81-87-93-94-100-102-104-113-120-134-136-140-145-148-149

2017 Topps Walmart Snowflake Set  63- 92x2 -99-105- 107x2 -115-120-137-141-142-145-168-190

2017 A & G  172-262

2017 Gypsy Queen -168-304-306-309-310-312-319-320

2017 Gypsy Queen Portrait Hand-Drawn Art Reproduction GQAR--   BH1 - Ichiro2  - KB1 - RC1 - ZG1

2017 Topps Chrome '87 Topps (30th Anniv.) 2-5

2018 Topps Archives base    SP'S  311-318-320

2018 Archives The Sandlot  BJR-H-HP-SS-TIM

2018 Archives COINS  C-5   C-8

2018 Gypsy Queen 26-300- Sp's 301-302-305-306-307-310-311-312-313-315-316-317

2018 Topps Gallery  42-59-64-67-108-119-141-145-149-
HAVE SP's HAVE LIST SP's  156-158-167-168-172-179-182-186-188-189-195

2018 Gallery Artist Proof  1-2-3-5-7-9-10-11-12-14-16-17-18-20-21-23-26-27-31-33-35-37-39-40-41-43-44-46-47-49-52-53-54-55-56-58-60-61-63-64-66-68-69-71-73-74-75-76-77-78-79-81-82-83-85-89-90-91-92-93-94-95-96-97-101-103-104-106-107-108-110-111-112-114-115-117-118-120-121-122-123-124-125-126-127-129-131-132-133-134-135-138-139-140-141-142-143-144-146-148-149-150
NOT doing SP's with this set.

2018 Topps Kris Bryant Highlights




2000 UD Pros & Prospects Preston Wilson MARLINS jersey/auto   PW
2008 UD Baseball Heroes Charcoal Chris Young D'Backs  auto/jersey(white/red/black) 01/15  #3

>2004 Bowman 1st Year card #270 Jorge Mejia Reds 118/245
>2004 Topps Pristine Refractor #117  Alberto Callaspo Angels  141/399 sealed in case

2015 Topps First Home Run Medallions:
FHRM-VM Victor Martinez - Indians
FHRM-JHA  Josh Hamilton - Reds
FHRM-10 Edgar Martinez - Mariners
FHRM-24 Dalton Pompey - Blue Jays x2

2016 Topps MLB Debut Medallions Series One:
MDM-JU  Justin Upton - D'Backs
MDM-YC Yoenis Cespedes -Athletics
MDM-AG  Adrian Gonzalez - Rangers


2000 SP Game Bat Piece of the Game Andrew Jones BRAVES Bat Card AJ

2000 SP Piece of the Game Rafael Furcal BRAVES  Bat RF

2000 UD Pros & Prospects Preston Wilson MARLINS Dual Auto/jersey-green

2001 Private Stock Authentic Rafael Furcal BAT card BRAVES  22

2001 Private Stock Authentic Ron Gant-Angels g/u Bat 3

2001 SP Game Bat Milestone ED. Piece of the Action Andrew Jones  BRAVES BAT card  I-AJ

2001 SPx  Prospect Jersey Eric Hinske   CUBS g/u jersey  blue  #131

2002 Flair Power Tools Magglio Ordonez White Sox  Bat card

2002 Topps Gold Label Javier Lopez BRAVES  jersey/grey   ACR-JL

2002 Topps Reserve Magglio Ordonez White Sox    jersey   white with black stripe  TRJ-MO

?2002 UD Ballpark Idols Uniform Sluggers Alex Rodriguez  Rangers  jersey  white US-AR

2002 UD Black Diamond Diamond Collection Luis Castillo-Marlins g/u Bat 705/775 #399

2003 Bowman Heritage Diamond Cuts Andrew Jones BRAVES  jersey/white DC-AJ

2003 Fleer Authentix  Kerry Wood Cubs  jersey/grey  JA-KW

2003 Fleer Power Tools Sammy Sosa Bat card   104/500

2003 Fleer Hot Pros. Hot Materials Hee Seop Choi  CUBS  g/u jersey  grey  281/499

2003 Playoff Absolute Men.Tools of the Trade  Andrew Jones  BRAVES BAT card 084/250 TT-57

2003 UD Authentic Stars Andrew Jones  BRAVES  jersey swatch/white  AS-AJ

2003 UD Headliners Magglio Ordonez  White Sox  jersey/white  HL-MO

2003 UD Headliners Jimmy Rollins PHILLIES jersey/gold  HL-JR

2003 UD Leading Swatches Adam Dunn REDS  jersey white with red stripe LS-AD

2004 Bowman Sterling Troy Glaus-Angels g/u bat BS-TG

2004 Donruss Timelines 2004 Andruw Jones BRAVES  jersey/white  5

2004 Donruss Throwback Threads Player Threads Charles Johnson g/u jersey  Marlins white/green stripe 159/250

2004 Fleer Skybox limited Ed. Skys the Limit Mark Prior Cubs g/u jersey white 14/99

2004 Fleer Sweet Sigs Sweet Stitches Andrew Jones BRAVES  jersey/white   ST-AJ

2004 Studio Players Collection 04 Dontrelle Willis-Marlins g/u jersey(white with stripe) 037/150 PC-23

2004 Topps Chrome Chrome-Town heroes  Prior  Cubs  bat card  CHR-MP

2004 UD Awesome Honors Gold Glove Mike hampton BRAVES jersey/grey 108/165 AH-MH

2004 Upper Deck Diamond Collection All-Star Lineup Future Gems Jason Jennings-Rockies g/u jersey(white with blue or black stripe) FG-JJ

2005 Donruss Z Zenith  Aramis Ramirez  CUBS  g/u jersey  white  ZB-92

2005 Fleer Mlb Classic Clippings Vernon Wells-Blue Jays g/u jersey(grey) 30/72

2005 Fleer Ultra Season Crowns Ordonez White Sox  bat card  069/399

2005 Leaf Game Collection Preston Wilson  Rockies g/u BAT  LGC-14

2005 Origins Baseball materials Kerry Wood CUBS jersey grey PB-KW

2005 Topps All-Star Stitches Jon Garland  White Sox  AS workout  jersey  blue  ASA-JG

2005 UD  UD Game jersey Kerry Wood Cubs  blue  GJ-KW

2006 Allen & Ginter Jim Thome White Sox g/u jersey grey AGR-JT

2006 Bazooka Double Play Basics Marcus Giles  BRAVES  g/u grey BBA-MG

2006 Fleer Ultra Feel the Game Troy Glaus- g/u jeresy? (grey)wearing Angels uniform and card says Blue Jays FG-TG

2006 Turkey Red Derrek Lee Cubs  jersey  white/blue stripe  TRR-DL

2006 UD Artifacts MLB g/u Apparel Gold Limited Dmitri Young TIGERS  jersey grey  089/150

2006 UD Ovation-Ovation Apparel Carlos Lee-Brewers g/u jersey(blue) OA-CL

2007 Bowman Heritage Pieces of Greatness Tadahito Iguchi BLACK BORDER  White Sox Bat card  20/52  PG-TI

2007 Bowman Heritage Pieces of Greatness Rich Harden-Oakland g/u jersey(green) PG-RH

2007 Bowman Heritage Pieces of Greatness Paul Konerko White Sox  g/w jersey grey PG-PK2 X 2

2007 Fleer Ultra Swing Kings  Jim Thome  (IN a Phillies uniform-says White Sox on card) g/u grey

2007 SPx  Winning Materials Brian McCann  BRAVES  g/u  black/white  38/50  WM-BM

2007 SPx Winning materials A.J. Burnett-Blue Jays g/u jersey? (grey) 002/199 WM-AB

2007 SPx Winning Materials Derrek Lee  Cubs  jersey white  075/199  WM-DL

2007 Topps 2006 Highlights Andrew Jones  BRAVES  g/u jersey  grey  HR-AJ

2007 Topps Migual Tejada  ORIOLES  2006 Highlights  g/u BAT  HR-MT

2007 UD MLB Artifacts Awesome Artifacts Jermaine Dye White Sox  4 pieces jersey  black 25/50

2007 UD Artifacts Apparel  Magglio Ordonez  TIGERS  g/u mem.  white  059/199

2007 UD Elements Essential Elements Tim Hudson BRAVES  Dual jersey/whiteEE-TI

2007 UD Masterpieces Captured on Canvas JJ Hardy Brewers jersey/grey  CC-JH

2007 UD Masterpieces Captured on Canvas-black border- Jake Peavy - Padres g/u white CC-JP

2007 Upper Deck Game Materials Bobby Jenks White Sox g/u jersey white/black stripe UD-BJ

2007 Upper Deck Game Materials Jim Thome Phillies uniform-White Sox on card jersey white UD-JT

2007 UD Sweet Spot Sweet Swatch  DYE  White Sox  g/u jersey  black  SW-JD

2007 UD Sweet Spot Sweet Swatch Garcia  White Sox/uniform  card says phillies  jersey white

2007 UD Sweet Spot  Sweet Swatch Mem. Jim Thome  White Sox   g/u mem. white  SW-JT

2007 UD Spectrum Derrick Lee Cubs jersey  blue  009/199  SSW-DL

2008 A & G Paul Konerko White Sox g/w swatch jersey grey AGR-PK

2008 A & G Jim Thome White Sox jersey card white AGR-JT

2008 Donruss Threads Diamond Kings Rick Porcello TIGERS Dual game used red-blue with white stripe. 2 0f 5 DK10

2008 Donruss Threads Diamond Kings Josh Vitters CUBS Dual Pieces Brown 091/250

2008 SP Leg. Cuts Destined for History Aramis Ramirez CUBS g/u mem. blue DH-RA

2008 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Coll. Jeremy Bonderman  TIGERS  g/w jersey grey HCC-JB

2008 Topps 2007 Highlights Aramis Ramirez  CUBS  g/u jersey  white  HR-AR

2008 UD A Piece of History Stadium Scenes Alfonso Soriano Cubs  jersey  white  SS11

?2008 UD A Piece of History Stad. Scenes  Andruw Jones   In Braves Uniform card says Dodgers

2008 UD Spectrum Retrosoectrum Swatches Rafael Furcal BRAVES  grey RS-RF1

2008 UD Sweet Spot Sweet Swatch Mem. Carlos Zambrano  CUBS jersey blue SS-CZ

2008 UD Sweet Spot Sweet Swatch Mem.  Jeremy Bonderman  TIGERS  white  SS-JB  X 2

2008 UD X A J Burnett Toronto g/u jersey white UDXM-bu

2008 UD X  Craig Hansen RED SOX  jersey/white  UDXM-CH

2008 UD X Brandon Jones  BRAVES  g/u  white UDXM-BJ

2008 Upper Deck UD Jersey KONERKO  Sox  jersey- white  UDJ-PK

2008 Upper Deck Goudey Memorabilia Trevor Hoffman Padres g/u jersey grey M-HO

2008 UD Heroes Blue  Felix Pie  CUBS  g/u jersey  blue  117/200   # 142

2008 UD Masterpieces Captured on Canvas Dontrelle Willis  TIGERS  g/u mem. white  CC-DW

2008 UD Masterpieces Captured on Canvas Chris Duncan Cardinals game used grey  CC-CD

2008 UD Masterpieces Captured on Canvas Carlos Zambrano  CUBS game used grey memorabilia CC-CZ

2008 Upper Deck Series 2 UD Jersey Francisco Rodriguez-Angels g/u jersey(white) UDJ-FR

2008 SPX Aaron Rowand Winning Materials g/u white says Giants and has him in a White Sox uniform WM-AR  076/125

2008 SPX Winning Materials Derrek Lee Cubs g/u jersey white 91/99

2008 SPx Winning Materials  Carlos Zambrano  CUBS g/u jersey  grey  094/150

2009 A & G  Dontrelle Willis  TIGERS  g/u Pants  grey x 2

2009 A & G Carlos Quentin White Sox g/u jersey  white/black stripe  AGR-CQ

2009 Goodwin Champions Jermaine Dye  g/u jersey white/black stripe  GCM-JD

2009 Goodwin Mem. Series Brandon Webb  Dbacks  Mem. grey  GCM-BW

2009 Goodwin Mem. Ser.  Derrek Lee  CUBS  g/u/ mem.  grey  CCM-DL X 2

2009 DUEL SPx Felix Pie Cubs  Autograph/jersey blue GJA-FP

2009 SPx Game Jersey Kerry Wood  CUBS  g/u jersey  blue  GJ-KW

2009 SPx Game jersey  DYE  White Sox  jersey  white  GJ-JD

2009 SPx Winning Materials Alfonso Soriano  Cubs  jersey  white  WM-AS

2009 Sweet Spot Sweet Swatch Jake Peavy White Sox (card shows him in Padres uniform) white SS-JP

2009 Topps Auth. Ticket Stub  Rick Ankiel  Cardinals  5-04-08  Cards- Cubs  TS-60 054/110

2009 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Coll. Geovany Soto g/u jersey  grey CC-GS

2009 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Coll. Carlos Quentin White Sox   jersey black  CC-CQ

2009 Topps 09 World Baseball Classic Bernie Williams-Puerto Rico game/worn jersey(grey) BCR-BW

2009 UD Series 1 UD Game Jersey Derrek Lee   white/stripe  GJ-DL

2009 UD Game Materials Edmonds CUBS (shows him in St.Louis uniform) Jersey/White GM-ED

?2009 UD Goudey  Zambrano  Cubs  jersey  white/blue stripe  M-CZ

2009 UD Spectrums  Paul Konerko White Sox Swatches jersey white/stripe  37/99  SS-PK

2009 UD Spectrums Jim Thome  White Sox Swatches jersey/stripe  35/99  SS-JT

2009 UD X  DYE  White Sox jersey white/stripe  UDXJ-JD

2010 A & G John Danks jersey mini White Sox AGR-JD

2010 A & G Aramis Ramirez  CUBS  g/u BAT  AGR-AR

2010 A & G Carlos Marmol CUBS  g/u mem.  white

2010 A & G VOTTO  REDS  g/u BAT card AGR-JV

2010 A & G Silk Collection Jair Jurrjens  BRAVES  48/50

2010 A & G SILK Chamberlain YANKEES 02/10

2010 Topps Peak Performance Ryan Dempster Cubs g/u jersey grey PPR-RD

2010 UD Series one UD Game Jersey Mark Buehrle White Sox  jersey  white  UDGJ-MB X-2

2010 UD Series 1 UD Game Jersey Derrek Lee  Cubs  jersey  grey UDGJ-DL

2011 A & G relic Colvin  Cubs    g/u grey  AGR-TC

2011 A&G Ryan Dempster CUBS  g/u mem  grey  AGR-RD

2011 A & G Mark Buehrle WHITE SOX g/u grey AGR-MB

2011 Gypsy Queen Kosuke Fukudome  Cubs  jersey  grey  GQR-KF

2011 Topps Lineage Mini Jason Heyward  BRAVES g/u light brownish   75R-JH

2011 Topps Topps60 IAN KINSLER  TEXAS jersey  blue  T60R-IK

2011 Topps Topps60 Tyler Colvin Cubs  jersey  grey  T60R-TC

2011 Topps Topps60 Kosuke Fukudome Cubs  jersey  white/stripe  T60R-KF

2011  Topps Topps60  Aramis Ramirez CUBS  jersey  white/blue stripe  T60R-AR

2012 A & G Byrd  CUBS  relic  white  AGR-MB

2012 Allen & Ginter Relic Chad Billingsley Dodgers  g/u Mem. grey AGR-CBI

2012 Allen & Ginter  Relic Geovany Soto CUBS Memorabilia  white  AGR-GS

2012 Allen & Ginter Relic Kosuke Fukudome CUBS Memorabilia  grey  AGR-KF

2012 Allen & Ginter  Relic Ryan Theriot CUBS Memorabilia grey  AGR-RT  

?2012 A & G Relic Adrian Gonzalez RED SOX g/u RED AGR-AG

2012 Panini National Treasures-Treasure Materials  TEXAS Michael Young Relic-White #19  06/99

2012 Topps Tier One Paul Konerko WHITE SOX g/u whitw with black stripe 198/399 TSR-PK

2012 Topps Blockbusters Darvish Rangers Comm. Hat Logo T Patch   BP-14

2012 Topps  Golden Moments Gordon Beckham  WHITE SOX  g/u jersey white/black stitch

?2012 Topps Golden Moments Adam Dunn White Sox jersey grey GMR-AD

2012 Topps Golden Moments Carlos Zambrano Cubs  g/u jersey  grey GMR-CZ

2012 Topps  Heritage Clubhouse Coll. Melky Cabera  Royals  jersey  grey  CCR-MCB

2012 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Coll. Yovani Gallardo BREWERS jersey grey CCG-YG

2012 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Coll. Matt Garza Cubs jersey  white/stripe  CCR-MG

2012 Triple Play Real Feel BAT  296 x 2

2012 Triple Play Real Feel jersey blue #300

2013 A & G Rickie Weeks Brewers full card  MEM.  grey  AGFR-RW

2013 A&G  Adam Dunn White Sox full card  g/u mem.  white/stripe  AGFR-AD

2013 A & G Darwin Barney  Cubs Full cards jersey  grey  AGFR-DB X-2

2013 A & G Jason Heyward  BRAVES  G/U  white  AGFR-JH

2013 GQ Mini Rickey Romero  Blue Jays  Mini Relic   black  GQMR-RR

?2013 Gypsy Queen Mini Matt Garza  CUBS  g/u relic  white?blue s

2013 Panini Golden Age Dave Bancroft  New York  BAT  29

2013 Topps mini Andrelton Simmons BRAVES jersey/white MR-AB

2013 Topps Manu. Patch card 90 Topps Thomas  White Sox  MCP-20

2013 Topps Chasing History  IAN KINSLER TEXAS g/u mem. grey  CHR-IK

2013 Topps Chasing History Konerko  White Sox g/u jersey grey CHR-PK

2014 A & G Brian McCANN BRAVES full size jersey/grey  FSR-BM

?2014 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection  Julio Teheran BRAVES  g/u grey  CCR-JT

2014 Topps Series 1 Comm. Rookie Patch 83 Topps Sandberg  Cubs  RCP-12

2014 Topps Andrelton Simmons BRAVES relic/grey  TR-AS

2015 A & G Brandon Belt  GIANTS  g/u grey  FSRB-BB

2015 A & G Beltran  Yankees  g/u Mem.  grey  FSRB-CBE

2015 A & G Starlin Castro CUBS g/u white FMR-SCA

2015 Topps Batter Logo Pin Javier Baez  CUBS  MSBL-18

2015 Topps Career High 24 HRS  Carlos Gomez  Brewers  g/u MEM  whiteCHR-CG

2015 GQ Elvis Andrus   Rangers  g/u  grey  GQR-EA

2015 GQ Andre Dawson CUBS Relic card-white GQR-AD

2015 GQ Jason Heyward BRAVES jersey/white  GMR-JH

?2015 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Coll.  Beltre  Rangers   mem. grey CCR-AB

2016 A & G Max Scherzer  NATIONALS  g/u RED  FSRB-MSC

2016 A & G Jayson Werth NATIONALS relic card grey FSRB_JW

2016 Tops Heritage Clubhouse Coll. David Price  Blue Jays g/u jersey  grey  CCR-DP

2016 Topps Update Joc Pederson Dodgers Commemorative Medallion 500 HR Futures Club #19

2016 Topps Update Bryce Harper Nationals Comm. Med. 500 HR Futures Club #6

2016 Topps Walmart Holiday Mega Snowflake Addison Russell CUBS g/u Grey  R-ARU

2016 Topps Walmart Holiday Mega Snowflake Aroldis Chapman CUBS g/u grey  R-AC

2016 Topps Walmart Holiday Mega Snowflake Eric Hosmer ROYALS game used/ light blue R-EH

2016 Topps Walmart Holiday Mega Game-Used Jersey/Blue Eric Hosmer Royals  R-EH

2016 Topps Walmart Holiday Mega Game-used Bat card Kole Calhoune Angels R-KC

2017 A & G Justin Verlander  TIGERS Relic/white  FSRA-JV

2017 Topps Series 1 Jackie Robinson Logo Patch card Carlos Gonzalez ROCKIES JRPC-CG

2017 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Ryan Braun Brewers  Relic -Dirty looking white with black stripe  CCR-RB

2017 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Troy Tulowitzki  Relic-Grey  CCR-TT

2017 Topps Holiday Snowflake Chris Archer  RAYS  jersey/grey  R-CA

2017 Topps Holiday Snowflake Adrian Gonzalez DODGERS  jersey/grey  R-AG

2017 Topps Holiday Snowflake Gregory Polanco Pirates jersey/white  R-GP

2017 Topps Holiday Snowflake Luis Severino YANKEES  jersey/white  R-LS

2017 Topps Holiday Snowflake Joey Votto REDS jersey/Camo  R-JVD

AUTOGRAPH Baseball cards for trade.

Brian Maxcy #19 Detroit auto cards (7) 589, 597, 2019, 3147, 3149, 3244, 3272 of 6000

1997 Donruss Signature Series Mike Cameron White Sox autograph RED Front X 2

1999 Skybox Autographics Wilton Guerrero EXPOS

2001 Leaf limited Rookie Claudio Vargas Marlins autograph 0566/1000 #320

2002 SP Auth. Future Watch  Edwin Almonte White Sox  auto  315/999

2002 Select Rks. & Pros  Ryan Freel  Tampa Bay  auto 83

2003 Bowman Cert. Auto  Andres Torres TIGERS  autograph SOF-AT

2003 Bowman Best Cert. Auto  Felix Sanchez  CUBS  Autograph  BB-FS

2003 Bowman Best Cert. auto  Aron Weston Cubs BB-AW

2003 Bowman Chrome 1st Year card  Ryan Harvey Cubs auto BDP167

2003 Leaf Materials  New Gen. Mirror Blue Arnie Munoz  White Sox  auto  32/50  218

2003  Topps Traded & Rookies Signature Moves Joe Borchard  White Sox  auto SMA-JB

2003 UD Series 1 Signature Stars Billy Koch White Sox auto  SS-BK   265/429

2004 Bowman Best  Jason Szuminski  Cubs  auto BB-JSZ

2004 Bowman Best  First Year Adam Greenberg CUBS  auto BB-AG

2004 Studio Shingo Takatsu  White Sox auto  213   059/400

2004 SP Reflections Rke. Auto Mike Bumatay TIGERS  autograph  094/250   #121

2004 Topps Blue Chips Clint Nageotte Seattle autograph  TT_CN

2004  UD Etchings Future Etchings  Ryan Wing  White Sox  auto 127

2005 Bowman Best  Sean Tracey  White Sox  auto  260/974  120

2005 Bowman Sterling First Year Card Carmen Pignatiello CUBS Autograph/Jersey-blue BS-CPP

2005 Bowman Sterling 1st Year card Humberto Sanchez Tigers auto  BS-HS

2005 Bowman Sterling 1st Year card Brandon Sing CUBS  autograph  BS-BS

2005 Donruss Champions ROBERTO NOVOA  TIGERS  #389

2005 Donruss Classics Raul Tablado Jays  auto  0801/1200

2005 Leather & Lumber Lumber Cuts Casey Rogowski White Sox  auto  124/256

2005 Leaf Angel Guzman  Cubs  auto  202

2005 Topps Pristine Legends Ed. Personal Endorsement Jack McDowell White Sox auto PEA-JM

2005 Topps Chrome Cert. Auto Tony Giarratano  TIGERS   # 250

2006 Bowman Chrome 1st card Jordan Tata TIGERS  auto  BC62

2006 Bowman Chrome  Elvin Puello Cubs auto Ref.  160/500 BC245

2006 Bowman Heritage Kevin Whelan  TIGERS  autograph   SG-KW

2006 Bowman Sterling Prospect  Elvin Puello CUBS  Autograph  BSP-EP

2006 Bowman Sterling Prospect  Pedro Lopez WHITE SOX autograph BSP-PL

2006 Topps Co Signers Dan Ortmeier Giants autograph #10

2006 UD Ovation Spotlight Sig. David DeJesus  Royals  auto  SS-DD

2006 UD Special Endorsements  Sean Marshall  Cubs  auto SE-SM

2007 Bowman Signs of the Future  Sean Gallagher  Cubs auto SOF-SG  

2007 Bowman Orange Matt Long  White Sox auto  139/250  BP114

2007 Bowman Chrome 1st Card Matt Long White Sox DP83 205/500 auto

2007 Bowman Chrome Jeremy Papelbon CUBS autograph BC222

2007 Bowman Sterling DUAL Josh Papelbon Red Sox/Jememy Papelbon CUBS autograph 258/275

2007 Bowman Heritage Signs of Greatness Scott Sizemore TIGERS autograph SG-SS

2007 Topps Chrome RC Scott Moore CUBS  autograph  342

2007 Topps Co-Signers Jerry Owens  RC WHITE SOX  autograph  198/275 #110

2007 Topps Co-signers JOSH FIELDS RC  WHITE SOX auto   105

2007 Topps 52 Brian Wolfe Toronto autograph  52S-BW

2007 Topps 52 Billy Petrick  Cubs  auto 52S-BP

2007 Topps Finest Chris Stewart  RC WHITE SOX  autograph    166

2007 Topps 2006 Highlights Jon Garland auto HA-JG

2007 Topps 2006 Highlights CARLOS QUENTIN  Dbacks  auto  HA-CQ

2007 Tristar Farm Hands Josh Donaldson Cubs auto  FH-JD

2008 A & G  Ervin Santana  Angels  autograph  AGA-ES

2008 Bowman Signs of the Future JACK EGBERT  WHITE SOX  SOF-JE

2008 Bowman Chrome Danny Rams TWINS autograph BCP258

2008 Bowman Sterling Chris Getz  RC  WHITE SOX  autograph  refractor  013/199 BS-CG

2008 Donruss Threads  Nevin Griffith  White Sox  auto  139/999

2008 Donruss Threads  Steve Garrison Padres   auto  1000/1999  139

2008 Six SP Rookie Signatures Bill White  RC  RANGERS  auto  141

2008 Topps Co-Signers Sam Fuld CUBS Rookie card auto  104

2008 Topps Co-Signers KEVIN HART  CUBS  RC  #55    056/100

2008 Topps Moments & Milestones Lance Broadway White Sox autograph 06/25 RA-LB

2008 UD A Piece of History RC Kevin Hart  CUBS  auto  61/75  #107

2009 Bowman Chrome  Jared Mitchell  White Sox  auto  BDPP88

2009 Bowman Chrome Blake Tekotte  Padres   Blue auto  110/150 BCP118

2009 Bowman Chrome 1st card  Logan Forsythe Padres auto 360/500  BCP114

2009 Topps Career Best  Milton Bradley CUBS  auto CBA-MB

2009 Topps PIEDMONT  RYAN PERRY  RC  auto  mini TOPPS 206  FMA-3

2009 UD USA Baseball ROBBIE RAY  18U National team  USA-RR  224/399

2009 UD Signature Stars  RC  TRAVIS SNIDER  Blue Jays  auto  Top Prospects 205



2010 Bowman  Justin Bristow Cubs auto  BPA-JB  X 2

2010 Bowman Chrome 1st card Brett Jackson CUBS  auto BCP93

2010 Bowman Chrome 1st Card Robinson Chirinos CUBS autograph Refractor BCP213 026/500

2010 Bowman Chrome RC DANIEL HUDSON  WHITE SOX  220

2010 Bowman Sterling Chance Ruffin TIGERS autograph  BSP-CR

2010 National Chicle Juan Francisco  Reds  auto  NCA-JF

2010 National Chicle Henry Rodriguez Oakland autograph NCA-HR

2010 National Chicle Luis Durango San Diego autograph NCA-LD

2010 National Chicle Neftali Feliz  Texas  auto

2010 National Chicle Brent Dlugach TIGERS  autograph  NCA-BD

2010 Topps Lineage  Daniel Hudson  RC  WHITE SOX  autograph    259  X 2

2010 Topps Peak Perf. Ryan Perry TIGERS  autograph  PPA-RP

2010 Topps 206 Mini Framed Auto. Piedmont  Scott Sizemore TIGERS  TA-SS

2010 Topps Chrome  SCOTT SIZEMORE  TIGERS  RC  auto  #175

2011 Bowman Chrome 1st card  Wade Gaynor  TIGERS autograph  Refractor 545/799  BCP70

2011 Topps T60 DREW STUBBS  REDS  auto  T60A-DST

2011 Topps T60 Andrew Cashner CUBS auto  T60A-AC

2012 Donruss Extra Edition Franchise Future Nathan Mikolas auto 12/25

2012 GQ  MIKE MORSE  Nationals  auto   GQA-MM

2013 Bowman Chrome Victor Sanchex Mariners autograph BCP-VS

2013 GQ  A. J. RAMOS  Marlins  auto  GQA-ARA

2013 Topps Chasing History Rafael Dolis Cubs auto  CHA-RD

2014 Stadium Club Chase Anderson D'Backs auto SCA-CA

2014 Topps   JUNIOR LAKE  CUBS  auto  TR_JR

??2014 Topps Chrome RC Nick Castellanos TIGERS #4 228/499

2014 Topps Heritage Minor Tommy Murphy auto ROA-TM

2015 Stadium Club Garrett Richards  ANGELS auto  SCA-GR

2016 Topps Archives Fan Fav. Fernando Tatis Cardinals autograph FFA-FT

2017 Bowman Platinum Jahmai Jones ANGELS auto # 08/20  TPA-JJO

2017 Bowman 1st Bowman Leody Taveras   Texas  Auto  PA-LT

2017 TOPPS Gallery Hunter Renfroe RC PADRES  Auto #56

2017 TOPPS Gallery Jharel Cotten RC Athletics  Auto #49

??2017 Topps 30th Anniversary Jose De leon  Dodgers auto   1987A-JDL

2017 A & G EXCH  Manny Machado Orioles mini auto 04/25 MA-MM  ($100)

2017 Allen & Ginter Mini Autograph Sierra Romero Softball Player 14/25  MA-SR

2017 Topps Gypsy Queen  Adam Conley  Miami  auto  GQA-AC

2017 Topps Gypsy Queen  Blake Snell  Tampa Bay  auto  GQA-BS

2018 Topps Archives Fan Favorites Brad Ausmus  ASTROS  FFA-BA


2014 Topps NFL Kickoff Coins:
NFLKC-CK Colin Kaepernick-49ers
NFLKC-EM Eli Manning- Giants
NFLKC-JF Joe Flacco- Ravens  x 2
NFLKC-LM LeSean McCoy - Eagles
NFLKC-VJ Vincent Jackson -Buccaneers

2015 Topps Commemorative Coins:
NFLSBC-29 Super Bowl XXIX
NFLSBC-41 Super Bowl XLI

2003 Topps Pristine #57 Refractor Artose Pinner  Lions 0793/1449  sealed in case

1996 Collectors Edge Authentic NFL Game Ball Tim Biakabutuka Panthers G25

1997 EDGE Authentic Super Bowl XXXI Game Ball Glenn/Freeman  #4

2001 XFL Gridiron Gear Scott Milanovich  practice worn jersey/black-white

? 2001 EX Behind the Numbers Ricky Williams jersey  black  542/766

2002 Authentic Authentic Game Worn Jersey Michael Bennett VIKINGS jersey blue 69

2002 Authentic Authentic Game Worn Jersey Jim Harbaugh Panthers jersey blue 21

2002 UD MVP Souvenirs Anthony Thomas Bears jersey/black  SS-AT

2003 Topps Pristine Pristine Perf. Anthony Thomas Bears Jersey/black  PP-ATH

2004 UD Reflections Focus on the Future GOLD Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals jersey-white FO-LF

2005 Fleer Ultra 1st Rounders Joey Harrington LIONS jersey/blue FR/JH 071/150

2005 Press Pass SE Kyle Orton  College/Purdue   jersey  white  168/700

2005 UD Portraits Memorable Materials Julius Jones COWBOYS jersey  blue

2006 Absolute Tools of the Trade Joey Harrington LIONS Dual jersey one white/one blue TOT-80 39/50

2006 Donruss Elite Throwback Threads DUAL Marcus Allen/Larry Johnson CHIEFS jersey white TT-41 022/200

2006 UD Future Star Materials  Kellen Clemens  jersey  green Jets

2006 Topps Turkey Red A. J. Hawk Packers jersey white TRR-AH

2006 SPx Winning materials Rookie Brandon Marshall Broncos jersey white WMR-BM X-2

2006 SPx Winning Materials Rookie Mario Williams  TEXANS event worn  blue  WMR-MW

2006 Upper Deck Future Star Materials Jerious Norwood game-used (black) FSM-JN FALCONS

2007 Bowman Sterling RC Greg Olsen BEARS jersey-blue BSRR-GO X-2

2007 Donruss Threads Donald Driver Packers jersey-green 223/250 #80

2007 Press Pass Game Day Gear Drew Staton Michigan St. jersey/green CDG-DS

2007 SPX Winning Materials Jersey Number  81 AnQuan Boldin  dual jersey  both white  CARDINALS

2007 Topps TX Exclusive SB XLI Ticket Stub Muhsin Muhammad BEARS SB-MM

2008 Threads Gridiron Kings Marion Barber  Cowboys  dual material   132/250

2008 Stadium Club Impact Chad Henne Dolphins jersey-green IR-Ch 0766/1349

2008 UD Football UD Rookie Jersey Joe Flacco RAVENS Blue UDRJ-JF

2008 UD Football Heroes Dwayne Bowie Kansas City g/u (not sure if jersey or pants) white-yellow-red with stitches #22/25

2009 Bowman Sterling Greg Olsen Bears jersey/black  027/199 refractor #91

2009 Donruss Elite Chainreaction  Marion Barber jersey blue  146/299

2009 Playoff Prestige Rookie Review Earl Bennett Bears Jersey/black 17

2009 Topps Historical Comm. Patch Eric Dickerson RAMS 2009 Postseason AFC/NFC Pro Bowl PPR14

2009 UD Black Ronnie Brown Dolphins FLAG Card 132/250

2009 UD Heroes Darren McFadden Raiders jersey/black  RJ-DM

2010 Crown Royal All-Pros Greg Olsen Bears  jersey/white  #21   37/50

2011 Panini Gold Leaf Rookies Mikel Leshoure LIONS jersey/blue #17 223/299

2011 Panini Threads Rookie Collection Titus Young LIONS jersey black/grey #32 49/50

2011 Rookies & Stars Jay Cutler BEARS jersey blue 220/299 #26

2011 Topps Gridion Legends Aspiring Legacies Randall Cobb Packers jersey-white 109/150 ALR-RC

2013 Score Franchis Fabrics Cam Newton Panthers jersey black FF-CN

2014 Panini Contenders Rookie Ticket RC Ka'Deem careyRelic Blue RTS-23

2015 UD Sweet Spot Rookies Mini Helmet Stefon Diggs  Univ. Maryland  SS-SD


1996 Fleer/Skybox William Floyd  49ers  AUTO Cert. A3

1996 Pro Line Classics Derrick Mayes Notre Dame Auto  Cert.

1996 Pro Line Memorabilia RC Alex Molden SAINTS AUTO Cert. 1025/1320

1997 UD NFL Legends Todd Christensen Raiders autograph card Cert. AL-88

1998 Skybox Autographics Charles Way  Giants

1999 Fleer Sports ILL. AUTO COLL. Greats of the Game  Danny White COWBOYS Auto Cert.

2003 TK Legacy Signature Ed. John Wilson Michigan State football  auto MSU14

2007 SP Chirography First Signs Garrett Wolfe  36/50

2007 Topps TX Exclusive  Chris Leak Bears  auto FTA-CL

2007 UD Premier Noteworthy David Ball Bears  auto 13/75

2008 UD Football Brodie Croyle Chiefs  auto  13

2010 Score Signatures Eric Berry Chiefs  auto 339

2012 Leaf Young Stars Coryell Judie  autograph  CJ2

2013 Leaf Draft Will Davis auto  BA-WD1

2013 Leaf Draft Tavarres King  auto BA-TK1

Basketball Autos and Game Used FOR TRADE

1991 Courtside Marty Dow San Diego State autograph

1994 Classic 4 Sport Eric Montross North Carolina auto

1996 The Score Board Jerome Williams DETROIT auto

1998 Collectors Edge Pro Signature Authentic Antawn Jamison North Carolina #1

1998 Skybox Autographics Travis Best Indiana

1999 Skybox Autographics Todd Fuller auto

2000 SP Top Prospects First Impressions Jaron Rush  UCLA

?2003/04 Topps Pristine Refractor #147 Troy Bell  Grizzlies  191/499  sealed in case

?2003/04 Topps Pristine Refractor #138 Marcus Banks  203/499 sealed in case

2002/03 Fleer Showcase Basketballs Best Andre Miller Clippers  jersey red   24

2002/03 SP Gameused ED   Eddy Curry  Bulls jersey   black

2002 UD Uniform Greatness Marcus Fizer  Bulls  jersey/white

2003 UD SPx Spx Rookie Jason Kapono CAVS jersey RED and autograph #178

2003/04 Fleer Mystique Rare Finds Michael Finley MAVS jersey white 250/300 RF-MF

2003/04 Fleer Patchworks Licensed Apparel Allan Houston Knicks jersey  white 008/300

2003/04 UD Black Diamond Rashard Lewis  Supersonics jersey  white  

2003/04 UD Honor Roll Future Honors  Luke Ridnour Supersonics  jersey  white  116 x 2

2003/04 UD Super Swatches Eddy Curry BULLS 158/250 EC-SS

2004/05 Fleer Jersey Authentix Jason Kidd  Nets  jersey  white 011-175

2005 SP Authentic Signature Chris Duhon BULLS autograph SP-CD

2005/06 UD Sweet Shot Sweet Swatches Jamal Crawford KNICKS Jersey white 20/50 SW-JA

Hockey Autos and Game Used FOR TRADE

1991 Classic Draft Picks  Shane Peacock auto

1992 Classic Draft Picks Darrin Madeley auto

1992 Classic Draft Picks Dave Karpa autograph

2000 Topps Game-Worn Sweater(white) Darren McCarty  Red Wings  GWS-DM

2002 Authentic Jocelyn Thibault Blackhawks jersey black

2010 Score Hot Rookies Eric Tangradi Penguins # 538 autograph>br />

2013/14 Prizm Rookie Tyler Toffoli KINGS A-TT autograph

2003 Upper Deck Team Essentials Mats Sundin  jersey blue TL-MS

2005  In The Game -ITG-Alex Delvecchio  Red Wings  G/U RED  WSM-AD NOTE: On back of card its says you have received an "Autographed" Game Used Memorabilia card. This card is NOT autographed.

2005/06 Upper Deck  Game Jersey  Sean Burke Tampa Bay  jersey black or dark blue J2-SB

2007/08 Fleer Ultra  Ultra Uniformity  Marc Dennis Tampa bay jersey  dark blue  U-MD

2007/08 UD MVP One on One Dual Mem. Christobal Huet Montreal jersey/blue-white on front of card--
Martin Gerber jersey/red on back of card.

2008 Heroes  and Prospects In the Game Alex Pietrangelo jersey red & white  GUJ-62

2009/10 Upper Deck Rookie Materials Ivan Vishnevskiy STARS  g/u black RM-IV

2013/14 SPx  Rookie materials  Ryan Murray  g/u  jersey  black or dark blue  RM-RM

2014/15 Upper Deck Rookie Materials Greg McKegg Maple Leafs jersey blue RM5

2014/15 Upper Deck Game Jersey Slava Voynov KINGS jersey White GJ-VO

2003 Upper Deck World Powers Sergio Garcia-Craig Perks-Mike Weir g/w shirts WP3

2005 SP Authentic Golf  Course Classics  Hunter Mahan  shirt black/silver stripe

2012 A&G Hank Haney  Golf Instructor  relic  black


1989 Topps #10 Andre Dawson CUBS BCCG graded 10

2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars #100 Rafael Palmeiro  Mint or Better  10 BCCG

2013 Topps #421 Jordy Mercer Pirates BCCG Graded 10

Football Graded
1995 Classic NFL Rookies #102 Kerry Collins AW BCCG  9 Near Mint or Better

1999 Collector's Edge Odyssey #112 Donovan McBabb EAGLES  PSA Gem. MT 10


2007 ACE Authentic Anna Kournikova  Jersey  Multi color  #7

2012 A & G John McEnroe Tennis Relic card  AGR-JM

2012 A & G Curly Neal - Harlem Globetrotters  Relic Card EXCH Grey  AGR-CN

2013 Golden Age Actress Donna Douglas Autograph DDG

2014 A & G Laura Phelps Sweatt  Powerlifter  MEM  black  FSR-LP

2014 A & G Judah Friedlander Comerian/actor  MEM yellow FRB-JFR

2014 A & G Austin Wierschke  Texting Champion Relic  FSR-AW

2014 Golden Age Legends of Music Willie Nelson Material  #3

2014 Golden Age Legends of Music Hank Williams Material #1

2014 Golden Age Legends of Music Joey Ramone Material #4

2015 A & G Mike Mills Musician mini Auto.  AGA-MM

2015 UD Goodwin Champions Sid Meier Video Game Designer Auto  A-SM

2016 A & G Nancy Lieberman Basketball Coach Autograph AGA-NL

2016 A & G Jill Martin Sportscaster relic blue FSRB-JMA

2017 A & G William Shatner full size Relic card  dark color  FSRA-WS